Natalia grew up in Pyatigorsk, a mountainous city in Southern Russia. After graduating high school, she pursued a four-year course in which she majored in economics while specializing in accounting, analysis, and audit. Natalia always had a desire to learn English since a young age. Her ability to speak English was polished as Natalia pursued an opportunity to work summers in Jackson. Simultaneously as Natalia became fluent in English, she developed a passion for Jackson and the kindness of it’s residents. She eventually found her way back to Jackson when she took a job with Delcon managing accounts payable. She is a passionate worker, proven by her desire to expand her knowledge through seeking a Master’s degree in Accounting. When Natalia isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her husband Nikolay and her two beautiful children, Sophia and Edward. Their family loves to spend their weekends enjoying Jackson by swimming, fishing, and cooking for family and friends.